Relationship cannot have two scales

If you are in relationship, scale becomes common. either it is for your success , failure, pain, happiness or even your independency and act. You can not define two different scales for one relationship. If you feel something is good, what you are doing, that means it is good even if your partner does that….

16 August 2022 … You are never on best or worst

You never get best or worst. Somewhere someone is always on both side of scale. Dr. Ateendra Jha It was a sunny day, different from what we were experiencing in our last few days. After continuous rain 🌧 since 5 days it was sunny day. We all were planning to put wet and moist clothes…

Are you defining your life ?

A 4 alphabet word has so much hidden meanings, so much hidden dreams, so much expectations, so much integration, so much dependencies, so much acceptance, so much compromise, so much tolerance so much pain and so much joy. Read More

Life’s Inclination

It was a bright sunny day A smiling face entered in room,A smile with lots of tiredness on face.A smile with lots pain inside.A smile with heavy heart inside.I can feel his pain. I can feel wetness of tears,I can feel the going down heart.I can feel the loosing happiness.Yes I can feel…