Are we forgetting or we don’t deserve or we don’t care… Happy Men’s Day

Respect cannot be an occasion to celebrate,

It should be style to felicitate goodness.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

Today on 19 November we celebrate Men’s day.

Do I need it or do I care to get wished or does it matter in any way either someone really wished me or not, Or should I consider it as Ignorance towards male gender.

I did not receive any wishes from any one, I did not see even any posts by any of my connections stating the importance of man in ones life. I did not see even a single post stating how important is a man in a woman’s life.

Shall we consider it as Ignorance of the feminine towards masculine ? Shall I consider it as the attitude of the society to take the specific gender granted to ignore ?


Why we start all these things, just to get attention or just to show our presence or just to make the feel of being so special over other ?

Yes Men are important. They are as important as women are. We show our alertness, we want to impress and want to show how much we care for the female gender and that is point we never forget to wish. Even female friends never forget to wish each other on this day. But we men mostly forget our days. Are we forgetting our own values ? And we are just remembering the value of a lady in family.

Nothing like that.

I know my importance and even I know how important each and every member in my family is. Just I don’t want to get wished or don’t want to wish others to show value with expiry time of 24 hours.

I wish female friends not to show that they are important, we wish to make them realize, do you really need a day to show your importance.

Can a friend wished Happy Women’s Day or Men’s Day on particular day, put a promise not to hurt any Women / Men ?

Can a female/ male friend who wished you Happy women day / men day , put a promise to be loyal and honest women / men for the rest of the life.

Can the respect towards women/men showered on the particular day, be never ending throughout the life ?

If you have answer of any one of the question as NO , then I am sorry to say, There is no use of any such day.

If your answer of all these question as Yes then I will just say there is no need of any such day.

I can put promise without wishing you. I don’t need a day for that.
I can promise , even if you have not wished me, without celebrating this day.
I had, is and will never ending. I don’t need these days to start respecting.

Can you ?

Respect can not be an occasion to celebrate,

It should be style to felicitate goodness.

I will love to have your view

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