16 August 2022 … You are never on best or worst

You never get best or worst. Somewhere someone is always on both side of scale.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

It was a sunny day, different from what we were experiencing in our last few days. After continuous rain 🌧 since 5 days it was sunny day. We all were planning to put wet and moist clothes and stuffs to dry. We were worried how it will dry, if rain starts tomorrow again. We were in thought of our struggle to dry our stuffs but somewhere someone was free from all these tension. He was not at all worried for his clothes getting wet or stuffs getting spoiled. He was not at all worried for his wet hairs or smelling beds. He was worried for his survival , he was thinking this rain has spoiled his heritage, his world. He was worried for the shelter of his son and wife. He was struggling to find the way to tell the god of rain to have mercy on his condition.

Yes , he was loosing his hope to survive. But still he was smiling and telling everyone passing by, that he will manage.

Is this we call , self confidence or we say it as determination or we say it as a challenge to the challenging situation. Whatever it is , in a single word .. IT IS LIFE .

In our life we struggle with many challenging situations but those challenges teach us lesson which we can’t learn with merely survival. Struggle is best key to learn. We struggle for our challenges which we think is worst, but in fact our challenges can be worse but are never worst. As somewhere someone might be facing more worse than ours.

So Always thank mighty God for keeping you just on worse not worst.

Incline yourself At Inclination to HUMANITY 😇

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