Can we generalize the blood pressure? Are you hypertensive ?

Blood Pressure is an individualized parameter. It can not be generalized. Everyone should be assessed on their individual parameters.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

With new information system and advanced knowledge sources we are getting aware to many things. We are trying to understand the concepts which are out of our domain.

Either we are professionally trained or we are educated at our own level, we believe on what are told in our books and other educational resources.

So we can say that we get theoretical understanding of any concept. And theoretically it is well accepted that 120/80 is normal blood pressure or we can say 140/90 as per new guidelines for elders. With keeping this in our mind we start predicting lot of things.

But have you ever thought how this 120/80 or 140/90 came in existence ?

Why we selected these values as normal pressure?

Actually … These are the average value.
Average of what ?

These values are average of normal blood pressure of huge group of normal people.

That brings the understanding that, there will be many values more than normal as well as many values less than the normal.

That means many people are with blood pressure more than the 120/80 and many have blood pressure lower than 120/80. But all of them are non hypertensive. That means blood pressure can not be generalized.

Ohhh… Is that mean Blood Pressure is Individualized ?

I will love to have your view

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