No girl is crying.. no one asked to dedicate song..

Seriously.. 🧐

It was really surprising, when I saw a well educated person and well dignified entity uses social media for such thing which you cant imagine..

This official account is of one of the retired judge of Supreme Court. If you check his account he has dedicated song to almost everyone and more surprising is all are girls .. Sorry don’t take me wrong I am not complaining 😌 just telling..

Seriously he wants girls to message him and say “I am crying, dedicate song for me ” .

Seriously is it official account 🙈

If you check the comment section he replied to girls comment but on boys comment no reply no reaction.

And it was heights of partiality 😀 when a guy told I m crying he replied ” only for ladies ”

Either he thinks that only girls cry or …. (you are smart enough to fill in tge blank 😀 )

However its his life. Let him enjoy the way he wants.. This just an opinion..

Have a look to few comments 😀

Have a nice day 🙂

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