COVID-19 : Should we scare or aware or dare ?

It is going to pass about an year since we got attack of health threat “COVID-19”. Even after an year of struggle the status is almost same. We are still struggling, we are still scared and we are still hoping that some miracle will happen and we will be back on our earlier track and our lifestyle will get normal. But with this hope we have fear also that either it will end or not.
Lets have a glance on this virus and its attacking strategy.
Virus is like any other virus. Outside living body inactive and inside it becomes active. That means if we prevent the entry of virus in our body we are safe. But that is the biggest question, how to prevent its entry in our body ? Almost impractical !!!
Next is if we fail to do so ?? Which is normal. It is really impractical to prevent virus to enter in your body, while you are working in public place or in group of people. That means all of us has already have inhaled virus at least once. Still many are not hospitalized. Still many of us are still fine and healthy( touch wood ). Why so ? Read More

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