Relationship is mutual participation…

If you can’t love,

Then you don’t have right to expect love from anyone.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

It is so easy to dictate that love should be without any expectation. But have you ever thought if someone say same to you.

No emotion, no relation is without expectation. Infact it will more appropriate if we say that expectations at different level and different intensity for different purpose give the name of different relations.

With each relationship there is some expectation. With each expectation there is some relation.

We want someone who should love you without any expectation but have you ever thought that, that person also needs someone who should love 💘 him/her without any expectation.

In a relationship we can’t put just our side and move on, we need to see the both side. What we are expecting from someone, we should deliver same to that person.

Relationship always needs mutual participation.

I will love to have your view

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