Ancient Astrology.. A Practical  Science.. Not merely predictions

Any energy emitted from any entity,

Have its special effect on our life marked on our life line.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

With a science background and especially when you are medical professional most of the time it becomes difficult to trust the ancient things. Recently I dared to enter in domain of an advanced ancient science which most of us call it as Astrology. I am not talking about Astrology which we see on television i am talking about the Scientific Astrology.

Things are changing and with that we are moving so fast that we are leaving our traditional things long back on track.

We are not even accepting the things which our ancestors used to worship. In short in race of our modern technologies we are putting our advanced methodology in locked box.

Ancient astrology is one of them. It will not wrong if we say that Ancient Astrology is an advanced Astronomy.

Sorry to say again, I am not talking about the astrology you see on television in dramatized way. I am talking about the astrology, which is not merely a set words, it is set of mathematical calculations based on our existence.

If there is a Mobile near our bed, science says that mobile radiation have a slight electromagnetic fields which have effect on our health. Imagine a mobile with negligible magnetic power can have effect on our body then why not Planets with mega magnetic power can have effect on our life. Each and every entity of this world has its effect on us either good or bad. It all depends on its distance,  its power and the angle at which we are in their magnetic field.

Actually Astrolgy is something same. It is set of calculations, based on the planetary postion,  its power and their effect.  It is not merely prediction it is more than that.

Recently I learnd the basics to understand the appropriateness of this science in our life. I realized it is more advanced and more scientific what we see in dramatized way on television screen.

Astrological interpretations are effects on our life after calculation of planetary postion with respect to our birth.

At time of birth when body get exposed to external environment, sensitivity to each and every radiation is highest and thats the reason birth time becomes crucial in ancient astrology.

Planets, their postion,  their distance and their angular alignment all are part of the interpretations of the astrology.

As I will move in deep of this advanced science I will keep sharing with you..

Till that time Be safe Be Healthy

Keep Smiling 😃

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