3 Nov. 2020 … Act as you Think

Your words should be your action


Your action should be in your words.

Dual nature will not only spoil you,

but also society

Dr. Ateendra Jha

Hello 👋 readers!

Hope you all doing well and going good on track of your life.

In last couple of days I was little thoughtful on the behavior of our social media society.

After about a week I visited my Facebook account. I know putting post and presenting views are individualized decisions so whatever is my observation that also is just presentation on my individualized view on the particular issue of opportunistic social marketing.

As the issue i m going to present is little sensitive i want to make it clear that I am just presenting my view on those opportunistic mind.

I was going through the posts of Facebook and found lots of posts 📫 which show that how much anger the social community has against any ill behavior against women. But I know many of them who are totally opposit what they are showing on social media. Now the question is should I praise them for their holy words on social media or hate them for their ill nature.

Nowadays it has become trend. Whatever is burning topic all will start writing ✍ ( actually and specifically ctr+C and ctr + V ). And all these just to get likes and shares. They become such big social activist that you will start getting feeling that wow.. this is guy or girl who has best thoughtful mind.

As soon the issue gets out of trend these people will become dormant a static entity.

Worst than this is these social activist themself do many such ill things which can not be tolerated.

Now the question is what is use of writing, when not practicing. And if practicing then you will not sho off by writing.

We have seen in past few days that social media has power but it should not be mis-used to hide your ill mentality.

Write what you act. Atleast people will tell your mistake and correct you. You can improve yourself. You can be better one. But if your action and words are different. You are not only cheating yourself but also society. Which is neither in favour of the health of society nor yours.

I will love to have your view

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