Bad or Worse… It is our visualization…

Good, Bad or Worse

It’s all Visualization.

How we see the situation,

It’s all individualization.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

Hiiii… 👋 visualizing readers 😊 .. Today little serious words came in my mind. Like to share with you all.

It’s really sometimes painful when you think about your bad moment.

But have you ever thought that someone might have worst moment than what you have.

We always move around our problems. We always compare with others. Actually it will not wrong to say we always visualize the situation keeping the other’s situation as control sample and our situation as test sample.

Have we ever thought the bad situation is bad only because we had good situation in past. In same way good situation is good only because we faced something bad.

You might be thinking 🤔.. it is easy to say but difficult to put in practice. But believe or not I am one who faced the situation which some of you might have taken worst experience of life. But I am not taking it like that. I smiled and smiling in all situation. I never lost myself in that situation. I felt pain upto level where you decided to destroy yourself. Where you start getting feel that death is better than surviving in that situation.

But still I was not out of my values. People who know me or have seen me can understand it in better way. No Scolding No Shouting one smile is enough to relieve myself and people near me.

So, In short it is all game of visualization, how we see the situation.

I will love to have your view

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