The way you stand.. its in your hand..

The way you stand in situation,

Decides its value of existence,

In your life.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

A new morning to understand the new vibes .

Dear reader , Hiii… 👋 to all who are still alive in this world to see new ray of mighty sun.

Yesterday I was little lazy to do work. Yes its true really lazy… I got up hot fresh and then went on scrolling different news and articles on website. COVID19 is still trending in minds of researchers. And no doubt many of us are still in trauma caused by this pandemic.

None of us had any idea that 2020 will have such a worse time that it will put an universal halt. All planned big big things for 2020. We started assuming that all things going around us are our own beautiful creations. Yes… I am right … assuming.. because if you are creator of your world then no one can ruin it. But in this pandemic it got ruined..

Reason is simple we are just executing the things which has been already planned. So its in hand of the planner to divert you in the way it wants.

So its waste if we spend time thinking about our bad times. Rather than thinking about the bad, Better is to think how we can execute the bad or unfavourable situation in its best way.

I will love to have your view

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