My principle Doesn’t allow/ मेरी तहज़ीब मुझे इजाज़त नही देती….

Counterattack in same way never solve the problem. Silence is best to understand the reason and pattern of attack.

Dr.Ateendra Jha.
I was quite, silent,
with dry lips touching each other.
Toleration all your worst which you could.

Never means,
I never felt anything wrong,
I never felt any pain.

Never means,
It didn't caused palpitations,
Provoked internally aggression.

I stopped myself,
Just, My principles
Doesn't permit Counterattack.
That was my principle to follow,
And I should.
मैं खामोश था उसकी बत्तमीजियों पर,
इसका मतलब यह कतई नही होता।
मुझे बुरा नही लगा,
इसका मतलब कतई नहीं था,
की मुझे गुस्सा नही आता,
बस हम रुक गए,
हमारी तहजीब ने पलटवार करने की इजाज़त नहीं दी।।

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