What is common best diet ?

This question is very common for those who really are very conscious towards their diet. Even they frame a diet pattern for them and follow that. But question is what is best diet and which one is perfect to become a healthy individual ?

Before going to answer that what is best diet, I love to have a question 🙋 to you that what do you understand from being healthy ?

I am not expecting any medical definition. If we think 🤔 , rethink and conclude then we will see that each one of us have its own definition of being heathy. Health is actually the status of any individual in that particular situation or environment. And if you are able to adapt and survive in that then you are healthy. So definition of being healthy differs from person to person and situation to situation.

Simple example : A person living in high altitude may have low level of oxygen and so he/she may have high RBC count but if same we find in person living in plane area with adequate oxygen supply then we may diagnose it as polycythemia. Person in cold environment may need high amount of fat as compared to the person in normal temperature.

So , if the definition of being healthy is not same then how we can define the food which is best for being healthy.

Lets see a one more example, in a family there are 5 individuals with different body mechanism. If all are eating same there is chance that some one may get obese, some may be fit or some may under weight. How body pick the food 🍲 , all depends individually and no one can tell you that what is best, until unless they observe your food habit and the way your body acts to it. And no one is better person than yourself to observe yourself.

So it concludes that no one can tell you what is best until unless you observe yourself. If you visit a dietician they will have few questions. If you answer them properly they will get idea how body acts and then they will suggest you the best food suits to you, in that situation at that moment. If you will self analyze then you will feel that Instruction given by a dietician will not have anything new. You were aware of everything, only the missed part was that you were not dedicated towards your own understanding.

So the consultation is required to recall, what you know, as an important factor for being healthy.

It never means that you should not consult dietician. Aim of this article is to make you aware that if one diet plan is best for one , that never means it will be best for others, even in same family.

Individualized analysis and framing is needed for best diet plan. But avoid being over consciousness.

Eat Healthy , Eat Well, Eat Everything.

I will love to have your view

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