16 Oct. 2020 Exist as human…

You really exist as human,

When someone can sens your care.

Even wooden statue have its existence

But their sens can not be shared.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

I missed yesterday, so will have a glance of both day ..

So day before yesterday was really a special day. I got up… got fresh and and then finished reading as usual. And then cooking and then eating. But yes that 🔔Food ? Was still thr 😀🙈. Or else without any doubt I would have missed food.

So day before yesterday was special because it captured an incidence, which I can say little unique.

I was standing in balcony and was enjoying the beauty of weather. As I told from last two days it was raining a lot. So it continued on third day also. Suddenly two birds came and sat on the tap in balcony. It was a different feeling to sit with birds in fast growing city environment. Where we have our mobiles 📱 beside us, smoke from factories 🏭 and no doubt struggling body due thousands of unwanted things we eat and do, but no where we get peace 😔. So in that way it was a different feel. About 2 hrs we were together under one roof. Both birds were trying to remove water 💧 drops from each other.

I smiled and thought this is what nature taught us. In real world now we are far from this natural care. We learn from the social media or visual media. We never learn from the natural teachers around us.

Once rain stopped both had their direction and I was alone thinking either we can regain our natural habit. Difficult but we can try.

Now it was evening, of day before yesterday , and as per routine.. night cooking eating sleeping.

Yesterday when I got up I was with fresh mode to have some thing new today. New means what..🤪 I also did not have idea till morning. By noon I thought i will have something new to cook. Yes imagine what I did.. I took small amount of all vegetables and chopped and made mixture… wait still cooking 🍳.. then I added Ghee ( You can say Butter ) then I added whatever was there in kitchen box, everything in small amount.. 😆 … and it came out a delicious dish. Name I can’t say because I don’t know and I think no one can say.. But was really tasty 😋.

So after that again some reading and the evening . I went for coking at about 10 pm .. it was late… and unfortunately thr was voltage fluctuation in our area, May be due to continuous rain, and my Induction stove was behaving madly.. this continued till 12 mid night.. by 1 AM I finished cooking 🍳 and by 2 AM I went to sleep 💤 🙈.

I will love to have your view

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