14 Oct 2020 – Be right at self level… Others will get compelled to..

If you do right,

You are automatically creating gallery of good.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

As I told you last day i slept so if we think normally i should also get up early but you can’t imagine I nicely conpleted 11 hrs sleeping. Mostly i dont have habit of sleeping more than 6 hours. But yesterday i got up after 11 hrs of sleep.

As I was alresdy late i did all fast fast and sat with my ever friendly friend laptop and mobile. They are really my friend whenever i want move to myself out of Loneliness.

So with a cup of coffee in hand i sat on table. As per routine i finished reading book and had some online discussion.

Then i sat and was checking my previous years blog posts. While reading those post i was smiling.. I used to write small write ups and was with such simole meaning and there was not at all complexity in writing.

With time thinking and understanding changes. What we write in fun in our past sometimes we need those things to handle our current situation.

So after spending some time there i was thinking to start reading a medical note.. but suddenly i got message Food ?.. 😃

It was 1 PM , i did not have cooked lunch. Without any delay I was in kitchen took the charge of Cook. In next 30 min food was ready to get served to myself.. 😃.

After lunch i thought to have some social media scrolling.. At abt 4 i left to market as had to few things. It was windy raining weather. I took umbrella and moved on.

While moving on road i realized something. Something strange … when we move on road we keep ourself safe on one side of road or if footpath available we move on that. Convincing ourself that we are safe.

But have you ever thought why we felt safe on footpath but not on road. And its not necessary that if you will walk on road you will have death in fate. And even it is not true that on footpath you are totally safe.

But still we feel safe on footpath. Reason is simple till the time you are doing right the person in front of you are afraid of doing wrong. The time you do wrong you lose right to complain.

So with that lesson i finished my marketing.. and was back after about 1 and half hours. Walking for about total 4 kilometers.

Evening nothing great again cooked, ate and slept 😃🤪

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