Right to protest Vs Right to free movement

We have two rights gifted by Human Rights, which we can use as we wish, as we like , wherever we wish and whenever we like- Right to Protest and Right to free movement.

Right to protest : This right gives us freedom to say whatever we wish, to whomever we wish against whatever we do not like. Really a great tool to improve any system. If you really want to improve yourself then it is true that you should have some good critic. There should be someone to bring out all the opposite sides of your opinion and make you aware of that. Right to protest is same in one or other way.

But either you believe or not sometimes it goes horrible. I will discuss on that later first let us see other right.

Right to free movement : It is an important and really a necessary right if we need the proper development of any individual or a country. Imagine you have to get signed by authorities or you need to have visa to move from one city to other or if you are restricted to move in your city. Horrible right. Current days only we need visa and other permission documents only when move across the countries, and that also irritate us sometimes. If this applies to across city then can you imagine ? So this right is really an important as it makes us free to move anywhere on this earth with or without visa or documentation.

Now if these two rights are so essential then it is common that it should not be curbed.

Now lets see the situation when it goes horrible.

When these two rights becomes against each other it becomes difficult to decide whom to support and whom to oppose. By using right to protest intellectuals block roads, stop train and many more activities on public platform. But while blocking road or stopping train, did our intellectuals ever thought that they are going to curb the rights of free movement. Protesting is a good practice whenever it needed but it should not at the cost of someone’s right. And have you imagined that you are curbing the right of that individual who does not have any direct or indirect role in matter, against what you are protesting. Destroying private properties of innocent people, burning their properties, these all can not be the example of positive minded critic or protestor.

Protest should be in such a way that it should effect the the owner of the matter. It should be restricted to the activity between protestor and creator. Protest on road but don’t block it for public movement. Show your anger but for that you need not to put individual private property on fire.

By tears in someone’s eyes, who is no where in matter, you can not gain anything good and positive. Respect the individuals while you protest then see they also will get in support of you in your protest. But hurting them are just putting you in hate list of those people.

Protest to gain something positive, not to show your personal anger or satisfy your ego.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

Any picture shown with this article are just for decorative purpose. Pic source google image search. Creator: Win McNamee ; Credit: Getty Images; Copyright: 2020 Getty Images

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