Oct. 13 , 2020 – Bad or Good will be decided by amount…

There is nothing good or bad.

It all about the amount of that.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

As usual, last day, i got up with full energy with tired neck. Yes tired neck. Do you know why ? Last night i slept with head on my table and suddenly at 4 am got up with sweet irritating pain in my neck. It is still there…

But after getting up at 4 i slept again on bed, and imagine i hold bed for just about 1 or 2 hrs and got up again. As usually i freshed up and sat with my dear Laptop and cute mobile to have there attendance on my table.

Read some news then some e books and nothing special was planned, so nothing special happened till i got knock on my door. House owner son came and gave curry I was thinking okkkkk.. so my half lunch is ready 😃. Then i moved on with my work again and in that i forgot … That I Have to eat also… suddenly as usual.. message came Food ??? 😃🙈 and i jumped out … shiittt.. curry is thr.. I have to work on chapati.. I ran and finished that…

Now i will tell you my madness. After making chapati i thought lets check the curry. Imagine till now i did not open that. And suddenly realised already chapati is there 😳. Now no option have to eat and so finished eating..

Leave this was just daily routine..

I will tell you what is new.. New is the way weather was behaving… Full rain and windy… and in my last few months first time i felt to have blankets.. 😃

While putting blanket on legs I realized one thing….

Nothing is bad neither winter nor summmer only if its in excess is bad.

Then it was evening, then night and yes this time i slept little early.. so.. so… so… early that i slept without saying good night to any.. not even myself 😃

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