Oct 12, 2020 – Smile for a while..

In life we have lots of stuffs to do, lots of stuff will irrtate us, many situations we will get stuck, many people will drag us to problems. But what should be always left unchanged, is your SMILE.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

At 5 am I got up with full determination that i will not go, out of my track today. As till now, always i used to go out of track. I thanked god for giving one more opportunity to work on his plan l, wished good luck to my self on being so determined about plan 😛, Good Morning to my friend and started my day. By 7 am i was almost ready to launch my selc for the day. I had to monitor an online test , for about 38 cancdidates so was praying that electricity and internet should remain perfect.

I went through e-papers and then spent few moment on taking expert’s advise ( Myself advising myself 😃).

It was now 9 am and imagine it went out of my mind that i had to monitor exam. I started studying my books and went in that.

You cant imagine how deep i went in that… let me help you to imagine 😃..

I was reading and then i started imagining the things. It was medical book and i started thinking on the treatment plan or you can say i went in expert’s advice mode 😃.

And after few moment only expert was thinking I slept 🙈

Then suddenly at 11 am i got up… Ohhh noooo.. Exam … Don’t worry i did not miss that it was postponed to 12 Noon due to some technical problem.

So logged in website and what i see was horrible. There was slight configuration problem in student portal. As I have little, or you can say little less than what we say little, knowledge of web designing. I struggled a lot to resolve problem. Probelm was I was not able to create handle for timer. It took about 30 minutes to resolve that issue, which was just because of one closing bracket ” ) ” .

Now its 11:45 am and I was ready. At 12 server started and in next 20 minutes we got our first submission ( Max exam time = 30 minutes) . So exam started. Now no need to worry server is working properly 😃.

And suddenly received a message from one of my close friend … Food ? And that was enough to remind me that i m missing something 😃

Yes.. Now next task was to cook.. Really was feeling very hungry.. Had not taken anything since morning i went to kitchen.. 😳 started at washing area … Ssssshhhhhh have to clean utensils also… But have to clean so decided to do that first… Done…. went to cook some tasty.. so made a good tasty ( as best i could ) paste of Potato, Onion and Tomato.. then curry.. As I love chapati over rice so moved to Chapati maker and successfully finished that.. Had food and back to my table.

Started reading some internet stuffs and then back to my this blog , insta and other stuff.. after spending a good satisfactory interval on social media 😀 .. i took out paper to have some hand written words..

This all went like normal no excitement no happiness no pain no gain.. but suddenly one pop up came of a comedy video I opened that and from then I was laughing… thinking something should be thr always to laugh.. as without laugh.. you are like living in world of half…

As tension relaxation , sadness happiness, pleasure pain, loss gain, cry smile like all words having deep relation with our life are consist of 2. We need both in our life .

So smile for while , But smile on all moment whenever if you have even  a smallest reason to smile.

After that comedy video it was almost all time after that I was either laughing or smiling. By evening i had coffee and 4 biscuit. Yes biscuit which i dont like.. but have to because only that was left 😀🙈

And again in 2 hr it was time for dinner.

Ufffff… again cooking , again cleaning… and imagine after that I thought to sit and study but no … that remained in thought only I slept 🛌.

I will love to have your view

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