Love… Feeling of SELF…

She said - Come On...
Hug me... Wait..
I said - Are we missing something..
She told no..
I said Yes..
I am missing myself .

Let us get ourselves out of any greed..
Let us get framed into a shining pearl ...
In deep somewhere......
Beyond brightness of dark clouds..
I placed myself and asked.
Now hug me.

She was uncomfortable,
She was thinking.
She was surprised.
Her silence,
Had a question.
Love with so much whisper,
need some space.

Either I loved her,
Or she loved me.
I got my answer.
Next moment, She moved on..
I was not with her.
I was Out of her world,
I smiled,
She was not for me.

Want to love,
Love to your depth.
Want to hug
Hug to feel my breath.
Want to be mine,
Don't sit behind clouds,
Move beyond that,
Get trapped in pearl,
And smile in such way,
Our lips should shine,
With one smile.
Our soul,
trapped in one pearl,
Feeling of SELF.

I will love to have your view

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