Mask – Should say No or Should Say Yes.

A long time, Yes I am not kidding its really a long time, I did not move with my face tasting the sweetness of wind, bitterness of dusty construction site and smoke putting shades in clean air. Really i am missing those because I am now habitual of that. I feel that this mask is suffocating me.

NOTE – I told I feel.

Yes , Mask has become issue around the world. I can understand that its not comfortable with mask because of many reason. But do we have idea unknowingly this mask is saving us from a lot of respiratory issues. I don’t want to comment on how much this mask is going to help in prevention of CORONA because in that now almost every one of us are expert.

I want to bring point why having mask is not a bad choice ( Condition apply ). Whenever we go out we can have mask. When in public area we can have mask. It will not onlt prevent you from CORONA, but also prevent your lungs from various respiratory attacks.

But, Please don’t take me wrong, I never said we should wear mask in all occasion. Few I like to bring out here, when you can avoid mask.

  • When you are at home in between your known members.
  • When you are in office with known person ( Coditiin he should be alert as you are ).
  • When you are playing.
  • When you are exercising.
  • Mask is not advisable during playing or exercising as it may lead to suffocation. Moreover wet mask , due to sweat, is more dangerous than No Mask.
  • When you are sleeping 😴
  • And obviously when you are alone.

Now question is when this mask 😷 fashion will get over , which is indirect question that when CORONA tension will get over.

Answer is very simple, CORONA will never go, it will live with us , specifically within us, life long either in active or resting phase.

And yes about mask.. My question is why you want to kick out mask. God has taught us a good lesson to prevent ourself from various respiratory issue.

Be with it. Use it when required.

Wearing Mask is not tough task.

Tough task is convincing ourself that we should wear Mask.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

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