No Tears = No Pain – A Theory of Developed World

DIGITAL IMAGEIn social term tears in eyes are a sign of sadness , pain or sometimes extreme happiness.  But mostly it is sign of sadness or pain.

  • If got hurt – Tears ;
  • If sad – Tears ;
  • If in Pain – Tears.

But is it possible that

  • A person is in Pain but NO Tears ?
  • Person is Sad but NO Tears ?
  • Person is  Hurt but NO Tears ?.

Yes, Tears can be sign of extreme emotion but can not be only sign of those emotions.

I am hurt but no tears .. Never mean I am not hurt.

I am sad but no tears.. Never mean I am not sad.

I cry , I am sad , I am hurt but may be I don’t want someone to feel that I am hurt or I am sad or I am in pain.

Before pretending or commenting regarding anyone condition try to understand the situation behind the curtain.  You may not have idea regarding his problem / Situation / Pain.

In this lovely world no one wants any extra problem because already he/she has a bundle of responsibilities, duties and challenges in life. No one wants something extra. If he/she is not able to follow some normal routine then must be something wrong with his/ her daily schedules.

We always see life from our side. But whenever we are interacting with someone or trying get in to someone’s life or trying to bring someone in our life , its advisable to see life from both side – Your side and His / Her side. We should not wait to see the tears in their eyes to understand the situation.

No question you may have your own justification but may be that person in front of you may have better justification for his / Her behaviour.

Follow the series

Listen –> Think –> Judge –> Act

If you change a single step , may lead to wrong action. You may not feel anything wrong that time, but may have to suffer on long term.

I will love to have your view

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