Tensed Mind & Hurt Heart:  Chilly Powder on Wound

Its really nice to be a part of some partner in life but with that we get a package of responsibilities as well as restrictions. And Same we expect from the other side. 
Sometimes our restrictions restrict some part of enjoyment of our partner and that point is where there is need of understanding. Because without that,  life may come out in horrible dish which you know that you dont like but you have to take. 

It becomes more bitter if you have already many things in your heart which keep killing you each and every moment. Over those if you face such situation it comes out as chilly powder on wound. 

Today was something same. I got some chilly powder on my wound. But will dressup my wound soon,  because without understanding the life u cant live happily.

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  1. Tasmiya Afreen says:

    m a BUMS student after completion of BUMS I’ll be a Doctor a general physician and I can set up my clinic in which I can practice only unani medicine…
    We have almost all the subjects which MBBS syllabus has got.but instead of modern medicine we are taught about unani medicine..
    I want to practice allopathy medicine too for which I need to have complete knowledge about modern medicine which I can hopefully get by opting pharmD..
    Should I go for it? I’ll get double doctorate degree plus I can practice both alopathy and unani system of medicine.. Is opting pharmD as a PG degree a good option…
    Hoping for your helpful reply 🙂


    1. Dr. Ateendra Jha says:

      As you have basic knowledge of the subject.. It may be a good choice….


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