Modern Life: A running train without halt on station

life-24Sometimes a small lesson comes out with some big key messages.  We get busy in our professional life in such a way that we forget that someone somewhere is just waiting for us to get our time. Somewhere someone is just dreaming our good without any demand. Somewhere someone is just thinking about us without complain.

We move so blindly on our professional track that we fail to recognize the shelter where we took rest,  who helped us to get relaxed.

We move so fast to our destination that we forget our origin.

We forget our past and blindly follow the future.  Even we never stay in present.

We care for those who really don’t care and loose those who cares.

We miss the beauty of love and care in this fast-moving world. Sometimes we ignore that and sometimes we fail to get that. But truth is that a busy life is dragging all of us in such way that time for family has become occasional.

Modern life style has become like a train ( life)  running on track without passengers ( memories). Leaving the guard ( guardian)   behind and ignoring the royal passenger ( one who loves and cares). 

Har waqt yahi sochata hu,

Kabhi to jindagi mushkuraayegi,

Par har waqt yahi kahata hai,

Abji to jindagi muskuraayi thi.

Maine bahut khub sunaa logo se,

Ki mai khud apani jindagi jeeta hu,

Sach kahaa logo ne mujhe,

Ateendra Shivakar ki jindagi jeeta hai,

Aur usi ke khoj me rahata hu. 

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  1. Prathyusha says:

    After Pharmd what are the further studies


    1. Dr. Ateendra Jha says:

      Any course which can be done after master degree. It will be better if u ask some specific course. thanks , have nice time


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