A most trustworthy Judge

There are many factors which may affect our daily activities, but the major factor is,  we ourselves. What we think, what we plan and what we do — Nobody knows better than our own soul.   Our soul knows all good and bad things done.  Soul is equal partner in all activities, what we do. It knows what is wrong and what is right, the only thing is we should listen to it. Our soul has power to judge us, it will judge and tell us that this is wrong or this is right but most of the time we ignore it.

Our mind has a very bad habit to convince soul according to itself. We ignore the most trustworthy judge and go for diplomatic lawyer, because that lawyer will act according to our comfort. No one can judge you, No one can correct you until unless you correct yourself. No use of gaining trust of others, if you fail to gain the trust of your own soul.

The day you will start working according to your soul,

you will start moving towards perfection


I will love to have your view

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