life – A fixed track

Life is a form of track, on which all of us just run. Only thing which matter is how we run. We may run fast or slow, its in our hand, but which track we should go is not in our hand. We may have some plan in our life but its not necessary that it will go as per our plan.

It will not be wrong if I say our life as railway track. We have control life’s speed but not path. Whatever opportunities we get, we should be happy and do our duty rest we should not worry , because rest is not in our control.

Keep faith in that mighty power, he has his own criteria to decide the path for every one.

The beauty of life is that, it is individualized. Each one has its own track. No body can dare to interfere in others track.images

Now question comes, why some times some other one gets chance to disturb our life. We can take that as the joints where two tracks meet or cross each other. At that point it depends on individual, how fast and carefully he/she cross that crossing.

life is yours and individualized for you.

Do not waste time in comparing with others. 

Drive your own vehicle on your own track of life.

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  1. Chitra Raag says:

    well thought and well written! but life is never a fixed track Ateendra 🙂 tracks also change! a suggestion for u – pls make your tags more general, that will help boost your page views. have a nice day!

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    1. Ateendra Jha says:

      Thanks for your suggestions, i will take care next time 🙂
      Fixed track means the way to
      destination is fixed, it is unique for everyone 🙂 one cant run on others.. 🙂 Only the thing which differs is the journey on track.


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