ATTITUDE – An individualized response

Attitude, if we sit and try to understand I think we need whole life to just understand the definition of it. In short it can be defined as expression of your feeling towards anything or person or event. It is an individualized response to an individual by an individual. Attitude of same individual may differ from one condition to other or one individual to other. So in short and sweet words we can say YOU DECIDE THE ATTITUDE OF OTHERS. 

But again there are something which goes beyond all these that is individual characteristics. But some people will  have permanent attitude problem. Actually if you will ask me I will say it is not there problem. It is problem of the society where they grew.

Attitudes are organized collections of thoughts about a particular issue. Filtering, personalizing, catastrophizing and polarizing are four major types of negative thinking.

  • Filtering refers to psychologically screening out the encouraging aspects of complex scenarios.
  • Personalizing means automatically blaming yourself every time something bad happens.
  • Catastrophizing is expecting the worst possible outcome in any situation, and
  • Polarizing is a type of black-and-white thinking that defines failure as any result short of perfection.

You should eliminate certain negative thinking patterns that nearly everyone indulges in at least some of the time.

” The only disability in life is a bad attitude “

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  1. Ateendra Jha says:

    Post Inspired by Dr. Sahitya Kurapati


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