Infinite life in One Life

Every moimages-8ment we see new life, we do not recognize but we enter in new life each and every moment. Every moment of life has its own birth and death. Every moment we get something and each moment we loose. But still we worry for what we had in past, we worry for what we will get in future. We struggle to get what we don’t have. But we forget the present moment. We don’t see what we have, we never see what we are doing.  In a way we never live in present always either we think for future or analyze our past.

Live in present, You will feel life is what you wanted. Life is what your are going to make. That mighty power is neither controlling your life nor stopping you to do anything. Because he knows you will reborn infinite time in the same life, you will born every moment with new life, on which you have control. Your newmaxresdefault life will be affected by your past life but if you will keep doing mistake it will go in series. Stop where you feel you are doing mistake. Because every moment you have chance to start new life a good life. Your life should move towards goodness.


I will love to have your view

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