Suicide : Result of an internal cold war

Now days there are many cases of suicide attempts. And each and every attempt has its own reason. Some have stupid reasons some has valid reasons. If we go scientifically we may say it mental instability resulted to the self destruction. If we have to define it socially we may say its lack of will power. But do you know, it is an act of nature… Let me explain you..

Nature “Master of all” never wants to keep those things which have no use or have alteration in normal function. To understand this let me explain you a very nice example. During formation of new cell i.e. during cell cycle if something gets wrong, cell have a mechanism by which it destroy itself. Not only in cell cycle but also after maturation if cell starts working abnormally it undergo apoptosis i.e. cell suicide. It  means nature never accept altered things, it never accept defects.

Now apply this phenomenon on human.

A) Suppose you did something, which you think is right. everyone appreciated that, after some day someone question the same thing…

what all question will come in your mind.

  1. what mistake i did ?
  2. why people are blaming me ?
  3. was i wrong ?
  4. how i will proof myself right ?

B) Now suppose you did right, nothing was wrong. But somebody did the mistake which effected your action. and now people are blaming you. again all question as above will come in  mind.

C) Now suppose someone very dear to you cheated you. again a series of question will arise.

  1. what mistake i did ?
  2. why he/she cheated me ?
  3. was i wrong ?
  4. how i can ignore this?

In all condition where our mind gets two option one in favor of you and other against, giving rise to a cold war inside human mind. Our mind has power to imagine. In these type of situation one half of your mind (A-mind) will blame you and other half (F-mind) will try to prove you right. There will be a debate inside your mind. F-mind will try to take out all possibilities by which it can take you out of all these problem. while A-mind will be in search of all your mistakes.

Now in this condition three possibilities comes out

  1. F-mind will win.
  2. A-mind will win
  3. Both fail/win

If your mind is able to find out the way how to come out of all these problems, you are saved as the A-mind will stop their job. And u will be relaxed.

But A-mind wins then you will get depressed and will feel guilty. But in this also you will be in relax condition as no war is on.

But suppose if neither A nor F-mind gets any idea, it will lead to collapse of thinking power as both part of mind has worked at their extreme level. This will finally lead to failure of mind’s neuronal software. Collapse / failure of thinking lead to abnormal behavior of mind. “AND NATURE NEVER ACCEPTS ANY DEFECTED ITEMS” .

But all such type of incidences do not end with suicide. Suppose you are at extreme not getting any idea suddenly someone stand in support of you, and here your F-mind got extra support. you got reason to say that not only you but your friend/relative also think you are right. And thus F-mind win. So social support or ignorance have an important role when someone in mental cold war condition.

But if nobody comes in support it will lead to collapse of your system and your mind will order you to destroy this body as its of no use now, no one cares for it.

How can you prevent this ?

  1. Do not get engaged in job which you do not like.
  2. Never support them with whose idea you do not agree.
  3. Never do anything (without knowledgeable person) if you do not know about it.
  4. Trust yourself more than all. You are master of yourself.
  5. If did mistake, accept that and do not feel shy to say sorry.



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  1. Nice thought!!! 🙂 But every creation is a part of nature. Why would it reject it? Another question that comes to my mind is how do you define defect in nature?


    1. Ateendra Jha says:

      Nature never reject its creation, it rejects only if it find any diversion from actual form, what it created.
      Nature always remain pure and perfect… and defect can be explained as the condition of non adaptibility… 🙂 🙂


  2. nice theory of suicide i am convinced


    1. Ateendra Jha says:

      thanks… 🙂
      you dont worryy mai hu na 😛 😀


  3. Shivani says:

    I dont think its natures way….cz nature has given equal power to each n every person…its we d humans which compell d other person to do sucide….sometymes knowingly…most of the tyms unknowingly. Its d society which forces some people to do tht…not the nature….cz people blame u….n thts d reason all these thoughts comes to mind…so nature i dnt think has got any role to play in dis…


    1. Ateendra Jha says:

      I agree with your views, But may I know what do you mean by nature. Are not u the part of nature? Your mind, your body system your decision making power all are pre-programmed natural system. where everything , every command has been already stored. Only thing is that you act according to situation. I agree situations are created by human and their activities, bud decision is from the pre-programmed natural system.


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