In search of color….

Once I thought to make a sketch,

With an image in mind and HB pencil in hand,

I started drawing,

I was so excited,

I started, just started,

From the bottom of the page.


I reached to half of the page,

And realized I am still on the knee,

Where will the head go….


I rubbed the whole and started sketch again,

This time I started from top,

And when I reached in half I again realized,

Where will the foot go…


It was third time, I tried again,

And started from middle,

And u can’t imagine,

Sketch was without head and foot.


Then I realized it’s not just a line,

Drawn on a white clean paper,

Its image of mind,

Pen of memories,

Drawn with color of art,

And with pencil of love….. ….


I have image of mind,

I have pen of memories,

I have pen of love,

But Ateendra is still in search of color of art….

One Comment Add yours

  1. page ka size kya tha jisme tum sketch banaa rahe the ,
    agli baar se bada paper le lena .
    but thanks to the dimensions of the paper that made u feel the scarcity of space for sketching, that paper was nothing but ur frame of mind and canvas of life keep exploring “BEST OF LUCK”


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