Too much coffee – may be risky

Good Morning 🙂

Morning —-

1st friend: Need a cup of coffee,

2nd Friend: Lets go….

at about 11 am—-

3rd friend : OHhhh I am not able to concentrate, want one more cup of coffee..

1st : Ok..

at about 4PM —

Hey lets take coffee and biscut… Nice.. lets go


After dinner in night (late night study)…

Hey I am going to take coffee, …

SHAKTIMAN : STOP Do you know So much Coffee may be harmful for you...

All : Sorry SHAKTIMAN …


This was just a time pass story, now lets put light on reality.

Beware People <55 years, drinking coffee many times a day may increase you death risk. A study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings shows that taking coffee many times increase death risk by 21%.

In this study, researchers from the University of South Carolina, US examined the coffee consumption of more than 43,000 individuals aged between 20 and 87 years from 1971 to 2002. During the 17-year median follow-up period, more than 2,500 participants died.

It was found that younger men had a trend towards higher mortality despite lower consumption. But this became significant at about 28 cups per week where there was a 56 percent increase in mortality from all causes.

Xuemei Sui, the study’s co-author from the University of South Carolina in Columbia said :

Moderation is the key. Avoid excess drinking coffee.


Ref: ; 18 Aug 2013 9:24 AM IST

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