Growing World Shrinking Mind # 1

 Hii, I saw saw some post on facebook and comments also,… Modi as PM of india.. ok.. agreed… i agree he did good works but it never mean to abuse Muslim community or any society.. i dont think Modi as PM and Muslim Community have any link both are different topic.. PM (Modi) should not belong/support to any religion, if he is then he should not PM, PM should be a common Indian just a human.

Now let me say something about the incidents mentioned by some commenters on post , see any society/religion cant be wrong, does any society supports activity like killing/ massacre/ rape  .. no.. then how you can say muslims are wrong… blaming whole community for few people is like  i think is stupidity.. i have many friends who are muslim and have such nice behavior…. Please dont use politics to divide india… use it in positive way. sitting on laptop/pc is easy to comment if you have problem come in front to those devils and kill them…. those are not even humans… then how u can put them in any religion …. if you cant respect other religion it means u never respect your religion…  

Please stop abusing Humans… 

I will love to have your view

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