Crossed the Limits….

Its question in every mind that what’s safe and what’s not. who will answer you, me or a third person (who is imagesalways unknown). When we are sitting in office or driving on road or sitting in house or with friends in theatre or in party every where we are safe as well as unsafe. Every where we are surrounded by good and bad peoples. So in short its better to say we are not safe. Now question comes why we are not safe? Who is responsible we ourself or the villain of that incident or government or controlling system? We cant blame anyone, somewhere not 1 but 0.01%, but all of us are involved.

We cant say we have no role in cases like Delhi Rape case, Guwahati case and many more. These type of incidents are not only one or two.

According to Hindustan times

In year 2005 Number of rape cases were 660. Which came down to 452 in 2009. But again it raised to 601 in 2010 and in 2012 till Dec. 15 number was 635.

Only in Year 2011 According to Times Of India

725 case were only from the state of Haryana, which shows approx. 60 per month, which were 50 in 2006 and 40 in 2007.

Haryana has a rape incidence of 6.11, which means 6 rape victims per 1 lakh women, Madhya Pradesh has an incidence of 9.7, and Delhi 7.06. Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh have lower incidence: 3.61, 5.32, 2.41 per lakh women. Ranked for the incidence of rape, Haryana is tenth, Madhya Pradesh is fourth and Delhi seventh. The states with the highest incidence of rape are Mizoram, Tripura and Assam.

Who is responsible for these horrible figures, Government or society. I will say both. Government is going like1778930 “tu-tu-mai-mai” Throwing stones on each other. We are not responsible law minister should act on it, law minister- i willl talk to PM, PM- i wil talk to concerned department. On other hand opposition party plays their own game, Government is not able to control this so they should leave their post… what the crab.. Every one trying to cook on the fire of sorrow of victim no body wants to take action as they know if they will take any harsh step they may loose vote from that community.

Society ask clearly, is their any one who wants to work for country.. if yes then why you fear from these non human agents. Hit them hard.

According To Mamata Banerjee (CNN-IBN)

“Earlier if men and women would hold hands, they would get caught by parents and reprimanded but now everything is so open. It’s like an open market with open options.”

Really what nice idea mam, it means boys and girls should not talk to each other. If we follow that its sure society will be either men dominated or female dominated as both cant work.

Now what our government doing, making laws and all, what will happen with these laws until u are not able to act on it. What is reason behind this, either police is enjoying these thing or government is enjoying, No one is enjoying. Now what all others are saying:- Hang those persons, kill them, why not they are hanged as soon victim complains.(know why These thing takes a long time and cant be done blindly, my next post exptctd date to publish 20 Dec 2012) I agree Their should be harsh law against these devils. But only laws cant do anything, Now time has come to clean our society, as it has crossed all limits of tolerance. And it can be done only through common media system. Today most of the movies show rape or murder cases, these drama in movies comes out in real life and plays a major role in such dirty mental condition. so our first aim should be to stop these type of scenes in movies, not 100% but i am sure at least 40% it will effect the mentality. Putting posters and making laws are not way as an illiterate poor person does not buy newspapers or study law book he just watch movies. Most of the people involved in these type of cases belong to this group. They don’t know who is getting punishment for what. So create awareness through common media. Correct the image of society in movies and all other presentations then only any law or any system will be able to control these things. But I will Never Support one sided decision (that you will com to know in my next post). But if guilty I will just say Kill Them.

So Stop Pointing Out Others Do What You Can

Try to clean the Dirty Mind if not possible Cut that Head 

I will love to have your view

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