I AM HUMAN !!!!!!!!!!

You may be thinking why i am writing all these things… just see below you will come to know….

Case 1:

Year 2009

A Religion-1 boy entered in a mosque, by mistake. He did not know the religious boundary. A man praying his Allah saw him. he asked his name. He told his name xxxxx (name not displayed). Next day he was dead, with written on his body “No  Religion-1 in Mosque”.

Case 2

Two friends one was Religion-1 and other of Religion-2, were best friend eat together, live, play but their father didn’t know about that. One day first asked his father to call his friend for dinner, he knows that his father will not tolerate other religion in his house, but i dont know why he called, he asked his friend to say true only. As dearest frnd other agreed to join them in dinner. but after dinner thing which happened was totally out of my thinking. Father asked his name and about family, and suddenly he raised and threw him out with his own son.

Who knew there was a background story going on, father of second guy, was waiting for his arrival with a group of 5 people, both friend reached to second friend’s home there they saw that condition was appearing ok.. but actually each one was waiting for them not to welcome, but to kill the other i.e. first one. so they ran from there also. Next morning their dead body was on railway track.

Now can anyone answer what was mistake of that child and those friends…

If you have answer i will be glad to get that……

But it does not mean everyone is like that…

Case 1:


A fantastic example of Inter-religion marriage. Uncle and aunt from different religion (not mentioned) spending  Happy without any complain, they three children, one have Uncle’s religion name, other other with aunt’s religion name and third one is mixture…Smile

why everyone cant be like that,

Ans is simple what others will say, what will be of our religion, such nonsense questions, do u know why these questions comes, because we fear, not because of what others will say…

there are more than 2 billion people in India, if you will listen even 100 you will  become mad..


I will love to have your view

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