I am God/Allah/Ishwar?

  1. Who is God??????
  2. What is God????
  3. Where is God????
  4. Why there is need of God???

Do You know the answer…..

Of course….

For Hindu will b Param-brahm.

For Muslim will b Allah.

For Christian will b God.


For me its myself….

who m i to say like this ?

answer is human.

From Which religion i belong ?

Ans: is humanism.

Am I mad ?

Ans: Yes, and like to become mad, because if normal people are like that then I am glad that I am mad.

Now Answers of above questions????

  1. I am God
  2. God is a one, and that is Your Goodness.
  3. Its inside you, Creating, Operating and Destroying your ideas, your decision and on requirement even your body.
  4. To operate a machine we need a starter, or u can say energy source, He is Starter, he is connector, he is source of energy overall he is operator.

Now question comes in mind, either those who said about allah, ishwar, god are wrong?

I will say no my dear friends they were right….

They said

Ram, Krishna, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva ye Ishwar ke anek roop hai…

Jesus is man of God…..

Caliph, Imam, Mullah or Mawlana, Ayatollah, Muezzin are man of Allah

But they are not ishwar/Allah/God….

Any body Knows what these religion says….

The Qu’ran, Geeta, Bible all says:-

“asserts the existence of a single and absolute truth that transcends the world; a unique, independent and indivisible being, who is independent of the entire creation.”


God Is one Then Why discrimination…..

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