Read and Enjoy — Rajnikant

When Rajnikant was studying in 3rd std….some1 stole his rough note….&
Now they call it as ………….Wikipedia
Crazy people!!!! 😉
When Rajnikant was a Student¦!!!
Teachers use to Bunk the classes!!!
Rajnikant started college. All students were confused while taking admission because name of college is
“Rajnikant’s Medical College of Engineering for Commerce”.
Sachin Tendulkar’s mothers name is RAJNI Tendulkar
And his coach’s name is ramaKANT
Is there a need to say anything beyond this???
Rajinikant got 150 questions in exam paper asking – “Solve any 100 questions”
He solved all 150 and wrote, ” Rascalla!, CHECK ANY 100!”
One day Rajani thought to play cricket in monsoon and rain stopped due to play.
Rajnikanth’s next project is the Titanic in Tamil. However, Rajni has twisted the climax. Both the lead actors survive. Rajni swims
across the Atlantic Ocean with the heroine in one hand and… The Titanic in the other
“Who says the world will be destroyed in Dec 2012..Rajnikant just bought a Laptop with three years warranty”
Rajni can walk faster than light.
“Rajni cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another”.
Law of Conservation of Rajni
All scientists failed to answer this but rajnikanth did…
Ques: Which liquid turns solid on heating?
Ans: Dosa… mind it!!!
Once a photo of Rajnikant was given for Xerox. Don’t even try to guess what happened.
We got two copies of the Xerox machine.
One more:
Once upon a time
Rajnikant used Tooth Powder to get strong teeth
today that powder is known as
With due respect to RAJANIKANT

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