God/Allah/Ishwar and Human ?????



Ø Made Universe

Ø Exploring its universe

Ø Gave beautiful nature

Ø Enjoying its beauty

Ø Gave resources

Ø Using those resources

Ø Made a diverse living world

Ø Work to protect that.

Ø Gave an environment to survive

Ø Trying best to protect that

Ø Made relationship between individuals

Ø Always try to maintain that

Then why……


If he made one religion, Humanity, we try to divide that…



We cant one

Why we can’t love each other…..

Why these religions are made…..

Who will ans ….. you, me or one who made,,,…

One who made cant as he/she is no more in this world…..

Then of course you or me…….

I don’t know what you think…..


I think

These religions were on the basis of work or job done by people at that time… these were not religion…. These were their job title….

Each one had respect for everyone at that time………

But as time passed…

Everything changed….

Job oriented division became birth oriented….

Job Titles became unwanted discriminative stamp on forehead of newborn child…… that child who even don’t know what is religion get treatment according to his/her birth place……

Now its changing

New generation is changing the trend…

But still there are some…..


Only and only one religion – Humanity

I will love to have your view

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