Modern Generation…..

Hmmm…. its modern generation… different and unique thinking.. with different aim….

either its going in right way.. or leaving their actual path.. No one is perfect to answer this….

lets see……

Positive Points:-

  1. innovative idea
  2. advanced knowledge
  3. free from any racial and religious differentiation (except some cases)
  4. courage
  5. free from wasteful religious or paternal or maternal inhuman activities.
  6. scientific thinking

Negative Points

  1. lost the following words from dictionary*
    1. respect
    2. love
    3. care
    4. help
    5. sacrifice
  2. added following words*
    1. unwanted attitude
    2. hate
    3. insult
    4. hurt
    5. cheat
    6. flirt

What we were, what we are and what we will………????????????????

We are loosing our status…. status of being a human…

We are loosing relations……

We are loosing our way of living….

We r now surviving for ourselves…..

We are progressing… We are achieving… We are advancing…..

But all these are just virtual or physical…..

Actually we are forgetting our duty on this earth……



*But some are still different from others

One Comment Add yours

  1. shivani says:

    well said…


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