What we are????????

yaa…. many times I think, what we r? What’s our identity, what our goal, whats v want, what we were, and what we will.??????
There are many such question arising in my mind… no one is ready to ans…. Actually, problem is tht we our self is not recognizing ourselves… Some say I m marathi, bihari, tamil, telagu, kanada, but I want to ask all of them, thts their identity.??… No.. No… Their ans may change and go to… I m hindu, muslim. Sikh, christian… And many more but I m not able to understand either its their identity…
According to me…
What we r—- we r human
Our identity — humanity
Our goal — become one
Want to spread love
We Were Human
Now we are just a group of selfish people…
And if it will continue we will be beast with brain..
Why dividing on basis of races, why fighting on religion, why hating on basis of cast.
Ans me Oooooooo stupid dividers … Who r u to divide us.. Who r u to make cast… Who r u to decide to whom I should talk, with whom to love, to whom v should hate…. Hey that god made us equal, he is not interfering in our life why u r proving yourself smart….
After reading this many may say I m mad… They r right I m mad…. A mad beast…. Who want to love, care and smile on each face… May be I m in virtual world…

May b I m not fit for this world…… But I m sure those dividers r not for this world…..

Really my dear frnds.. Now time has arrived to make one religion thts humanity…. Most of the problem will get automatically solved.. Just change trend in new generation….. Plz never discriminate on basis of religion or cast…..
Love all Love yourself…..

I will love to have your view

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